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Financial Management Courses

Insight Financial Consulting provides a range of in-house and online management development solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Target audiences range from management trainees up to main board directors.

Features Common to all our Courses

Tailored Content

Content is tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience.

Real Life Data

To maximise practical application, attention is focused on the live trading results of the client organisation and its peers.

Practical Skills

Emphasis is placed on developing practical decision-making skills that can be readily applied in the work environment.

Our Most Popular Course

"The 4 Figure Trick" is by far our most popular course for non-financial managers.


This one-day programme shows managers how, regardless of their role, they can enhance the financial performance of their business by focusing attention on just four figures.

Course Objectives

By the end of the day, managers should be able to do the following:
Understand key commercial principles and how they relate to operations within their own organisation
Analyse and evaluate performance on the basis of reported results
Be aware of their personal impact on the business
Identify management actions they can undertake to enhance future profitability
Discuss financial matters with an increased level of confidence
Be more pro-active when it comes to implementing potentially profitable initiatives

What the Delegates Say

"Excellent course, with real demonstrated relevance to our company."
"A must for every manager in the business."
"Will have a critical impact on our business performance."
"The best course I have been on in my professional life."
"I feel now I can really make a difference."
"Course content was superb and highly relevant to our jobs."
"This was the best course I have been on in my career - truly brilliant!"
"Really informative and huge amounts that will help in my daily work."
"Brilliant - very informative and has a direct impact on the business."
"Life changing - will help so much in my day-to-day job."
"Best course ever attended - humorous, interactive and beneficial."
"Has given me a great deal of information which I feel I can implement in the work situation."
"Huge amount of useful information - lots to take away, digest and put to practical use."
"Wow! Fantastic. Delivered above and beyond the course title."
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